Magic Hockey Goalie Testimonials

“Being involved in hockey for over 35 years I have been involved with hockey camps and hockey development training at the highest levels both as a participant, instructor, coach and as a parent. The past 5 years my son has been a part of Angelo’s Magic Hockey program and it has delivered the highest quality of instruction available. Angelo has shown a passion and quality that other programs just can’t match. Magic Hockey’s commitment to its students and their development is what separates Magic Hockey from all its competitors. My sons success at the BC Hockey Best Ever, BC Major Midget at Junior levels can all be attributed to Angelo’s (Magic Hockey) passion and commitment to excellence. The success of Magic Hockey’s students speaks for itself. I would highly recommend Magic Hockey to any Goalie looking to reach their peak performance both on and off the ice.” — Bob Waldhaus

“I feel that without Magic, I would not be in the place I am now. Angelo and his staff has made me a completely different goalie than where I was years ago. They train your mental and physical game, while making training as much fun as possible. I have trained with magic for 5 years and the staff at Magic Hockey care about you and everything that you do for the game of hockey. I have been with many goalie coaches and never have I felt the respect and dedication like you get at Magic.” — Michael Taffe

“I have been a Hockey coach for 30 years, I can say without a doubt that Magic Hockey offers one of the most complete & comprehensive Goalie program that covers all goalies from beginners to Pro. The facility at Magic is top notch and the Instructor / Goalie ratio is perfect for maximum development. The one & one feed back and the ability to battle shot after shot was instrumental to my son advancing through their program and playing at the top level each and every year. The Technical advantage the goalies get no matter what style they play is unmatched in the industry. I believe that Magic Hockey is best place to develop a foundation that every goalie needs to succeed.” — Dave Williams

“I have been a student of Angelo’s for the past 5 years. Angelo has been a great mentor and teacher to me both on the ice and off the ice. His instruction and support has helped me achieve many of my hockey goals. All of my success has come over the past 5 years and Angleo has been there every step of the way. Angelo’s been a big part of my development and has been there every time I have needed him. Thanks Angelo for all you have done for me.” — Ryan Waldhaus

“I have trained with Angelo Maggio and his team at Magic Hockey since I was 7 years old. I believe that it was the foundations and the basic instruction I received when I began playing goal that has made me into the Goaltender I am today and the dedication to training that is required. It’s because of him that I am where I am today.Thanks Angelo for all the time and effort you put into my game.” — Tristan Jarry, Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL

“It’s interesting that while it’s easy to recognize a Magic goalie from their strong skating and save movements, every one of them has a unique style all their own. No one else teaches a better system, and no one else motivates goalies better than Magic and Angelo.” — Jake Heilbron

“Magic has provided me with the fundamentals that provided me with the structure for my game. Not only that but working with Angelo on the smaller ice surface definitely has added a very competitive aspect to my game. I started working with Angelo in my first year of Pee-Wee hockey at the age of 11.” — Luke Siemens

“Since my son started goaltending, Angelo and the staff of Magic Hockey has guided his development both technically and emotionally. I truly feel that my son would not have had all the successes in his young career without Angelo’s great mentoring and on ice technical guidance. Angelo has always been there to help both on and off the ice when needed and I anticipate many great future years working together with Magic Hockey.” — Darrel Stanwood

“The instructors at magic hockey really do their best to bring out the best of me. The facility is amazing and I couldnt ask for a better goalie school.” — Curtis Beairsto

“This summer was the first time I trained with Magic Hockey and MGD Goaltending. I am thankful I choose to, because I learned so many little things that helped me improve my game. Angelo and his Instructors helped me become more successful. I guarantee that many more will come out of Magic’s program in the future, as they develop strong foundations and a hard work ethic, to help them achieve success!!” — Sean Maguire

“When I decided to be a goalie at the age of 10, I have been attending Magic Hockey and Angelo’s programs. Magic has been very worthwhile to my learning. Everything that I have accomplished in my hockey career so far is because of Magic Hockey and the quality teaching they have given to me. I continue to use their tips and advice every time I step on the ice. I would like to thank Magic Hockey for everything they have done so far for me in my young career so far.” — Lyndon Stanwood

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