Magic Hockey Training Centre

Magic Ice

The Magic Hockey Training Centre features:

  •  12,000 sq ft Training Centre
  • Ice “Real” Arena 3,200 sq ft (80′ x 40′ )
  • Large Mezzanine Over 3,000 sq ft
  • Synthetic Ice (Base Hockey) 1,300 sq ft
  • Fitness Area 1200 sq ft
  • 5 Dressing Rooms  
  • Washrooms & Showers 
  • Pro Shop (Skate Sharpening)
  • Demo Gear – Bauer
  • Mezzanine Viewing Area

Why Small Ice?

True it is smaller than a regulation size rink, but with good reason.  We are a TRAINING CENTRE. We have ONE GOAL and that is to make you a better hockey player.  We know that more touches on the puck per training session will make you a better player- so we give you 462% more touches with our unique training pad.

We also believe in PERFECT PRACTICE. Only PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect! Our ice size is conducive to close player-coach proximity which allows Coaches and Instructors to keep a closer eye on your developing skill set. Lets take a page and use an example from another sport, ie baseball, the example of a batting cage to describe our “Perfect Practice” model. Without close coach-player proximity and high repetitions of skill practice that is incorporated into this type of skill development, the chances of improper skill acquisition skyrockets!. Therefore Proximity + Repetition = Success

If this was not enough to justify our bold choice to commit to unwavering Hockey excellence- let’s talk FUN!

Our surface is a 3 on 3 (Initiation-Atom) and 2 on 2 (PeeWee+) players’ dream- fast and action packed. We could tell you that it will help develop better core strength, which it does. We could also tell you that it will help you develop quicker reaction time, which it also does….but we would rather show you that there is no other place to SHOOT, SKATE, TRAIN…than at MAGIC Hockey’s Training Centre when you are looking for fun.

At MAGIC we love HOCKEY facts- and here they are:

Our REAL-ICE training surface is scientifically proven to trigger more use of the “HOCKEY MUSCLES” and improve your reaction time.**

**Hick-Hymen Law: H= n/E/i- Pi log2 (1/pi+1) = 462% More Touches

Magic Hockey Training Centre location

Magic Hockey Training Centre 103-9770 196A Street Langley, B.C. V1M 2X5

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