About Magic Hockey

The Magic Team takes pride in teaching technical skill. We believe in educating goaltender’s mental character and attitude, along with technical skills – “strong characters and attitude develops strong leadership abilities”.

The Magic Team’s main objective is building the foundations for great goaltending. All of our programs, from beginner to elite, have been designed with these key points in mind. As ability increases with the development of mobility and strong technical skills; speed and agility is increased and incorporated into our higher level programs. In turn creating the 3 elements of goaltending: Technical, Physical, and Psychological.

Angelo Maggio

  • With 40+ years of hockey experience
  • 18 years of Instructing goaltenders
  • Minor Hockey Association – goaltending consultant
  • Instruction of Junior and Minor hockey goaltenders in Italy
  • Played Junior hockey in BC
  • Played professional hockey in Italian First Division
  • Hockey Performance Centre – Dusan Benicky
  • Goaltending consultant various Junior Hockey Teams in Canada
  • Junior Prep Camp, Port Alberni, B.C. – Goaltending Consultant
  • Mentorship under Yuri Karmanov (Tretriak’s goaltending partner for Moscow Red Army and the USSR Olympic Team)
  • Goaltending consultant Disney Movie “Miracle”

As a coach/consultant, I bring a wealth of talent, knowledge and experience to my training of individual goaltenders. Organizations can benefit systemically by my input and development of programs designed to improve an entire association’s goaltending.

One of my greatest strengths is that I work personally with an organization’s goalies, at all levels. My philosophy is to impart the value of success for all the athletes I train and oversee. I believe that all goalies should strive to be the best they can be by formulating and attaining a balance between the technical, physical and mental aspects of the game. A key dimension to attaining this balance is the motivation of the athlete, helping him/her to construct personal criteria of success.

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